Chairman Detail

CA Suresh Kumar Agrawala



Dear Professional Friends,

    Nelson Mandela has rightly said: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

  I deem it to be a privilege and honor to share my thoughts in this Communiqué. At the outset I thank all the Managing Committee members for reposing trust on me unanimously, at the outset I also want to thanks all the members of the branch for their support and belief. Also I acknowledge and appreciate all the past chairman and senior members for their valuable contribution to make the Raipur branch a Vibrant one. I am aware of the new challenges and responsibilities ahead and we are committed to perform in the best possible way. We will always be supportive and proactive in conducting programs on topics of professional interest and various other activities for the benefit of students, members and the public at large. In the coming year we will assure maximum participation /contribution of members, young members, women members in conducting the programs. 

    I started this wonderful journey since many years. The rich experience gained by me as various subcommittee chairmen, Treasurer, and Vice Chairman induced ample strength in me to shoulder this great responsibility and to cater the needs of around 1100 members and nearly 3000 students tagged to the branch.

   Raipur branch is known because of the unstinted support and guidance of our predecessors and the dedicated resource persons of Branch. I strongly believe that the resource persons/speakers are the backbone of our Branch in conducting programs, enabling our Members to be abreast with the various amendments continuously taking place in the areas of our services. Our theme of the year will be

“We are committed to be updated”

With warm regards
CA. Suresh Kumar Agrawala
Raipur Branch of CIRC of ICAI