The Raipur Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was established in 1982 by the institute. The branch was Inaugurated by Shri B.S. Mehta on 11 Apr 1982. The basic aim of this establishment is to serve the students and the chartered accountants of this region covering the entire area of Chhattisgarh State and the western part of Orrisa. The total number of chartered accountants in the Branch is about 700 and the students strength is about 3000. Branch has its own premises which was inaugurated on 09-02-1996 by then president of the institute Shri T. Vishwanathan. The branch has successfully organized 17th, 20th, 26th and 29th Regional Conferences of CIRC in the year 1996, 1999, 2005 and 2008 respectively and National Conference in the year 2012.

Since its establishment, the branch is actively engaged in various activities. The major activities of the Branch are summarized as under :-

  • Carrier counseling for the students.
  • Orientation program for newly qualified Chartered Accountants.
  • Maintaining Library for the students as well as the members of the Branch.
  • Taking Coaching Classes for the students.
  • Conducting CPE programs viz. Conferences, Seminars, Modular Training Programmes, Workshops, Lecture Meetings. Study Circle Meetings, Educational Tours etc. for the benefit of its members and the students.
  • The News-Letter is being published on regular monthly basis and is served amongst all the members of Chhattisgarh State apart from all branches of CIRC, regional councils and central council members.
  • Raipur Branch is running center for professional training for ISA course in regular basis.
  • The branch has its own Computer Lab for 100 Hrs Information Technology Training Classes with 40 sets of computers, which is running on one to one basis.
  • The branch is regularly conducting the GMCS classes for newly qualified Chartered Accountants and the Students who have completed their PCC/IPCC course.
  • Other activities Includes social, cultural, sports, health care, personality and communication skill development programs on regular basis.

Our Proud :-

One of our members Shri. P. C. Bafna was member of State Legislative Assembly.


- Raipur Branch of CIRC of ICAI have been selected for CIRC Highly Commended Branch – 2019 under (Large Branch category)

- Raipur Branch of CICASA of CIRC have been selected for CICASA Best Branch Award– 2019 under Medium Branch category..

- Raipur Branch of CICASA of CIRC has been selected for CICASA Best Branch Award – 2018 under Large Mega Branch category.

- Raipur Branch of CIRC has been selected for Highly Commended Branch-2017 under Large & Mega Branch category

- Best Branch Award for CICASA – 2017 under Large & Mega category.

- CIRC CICASA Best Branch Award 2016 under Large Branch category

- Best Branch of Students' Association 2015.

- Best Branch of Regional Council 2015.

- CIRC CICASA Star Branch Award 2015.

- CIRC Star Branch Award 2015.


One of our members Shri. P. C. Bafna was member of State Legislative Assembly.

Shri G. S. Agrawal, past Chairman of Branch was Chairman of CIRC in the year 1999.

A member of our Branch Shri. G. D. Agrawal was selected as member of Income tax Appellate Tribunal and is presently discharging judicial functions.

Highly Comendable Branch of CIRC of ICAI Award 2012.