• No refund of registration fee will be made by ICAI, Raipur once the registration application is satisfactorily accepted.

  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to understand the eligibility requirements of ICAI, Raipur before deciding to register for the ONLINE REGISTARTION. If the candidate registers and then determines that he/she is ineligible for admission to the program of his/her choice, no application registration-fee refund will be made..

  • Course fee shall not be refunded once the candidate joins the course.

  • All policies and procedures shall be as laid down by Board of Studies of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


Candidates need to ensure that the information submitted by them is correct and true in all respects. In case any information is found to be incorrect or false at a later date, ICAI, Raipur shall have the right to cancel the application registration. In the event of the cancellation of the application registration due to furnishing of incorrect/false information, the fee paid by the candidate will not be refunded except as decided by the management of ICAI, Raipur