CICASA Chairman writes

Dear Students & Fellow Professionals,
Holistic learning unified with co-curricular activities, humanitarian values & objective integrity is what it takes to flourish in the exam called life. To be decreed upon an authority akin to the student community is something that invariably fascinated me. I feel blessed to assume the mantle of CICASA Chairperson for this term &  further ensure that I’ll leave no stones unturned in my attempt to benefit deserving students to achieve their paramount potential.
I believe in education based on conscience, a student body like CICASA always contemplated an approach that values individual talent, refrains from any kind of favouritism and provides fair circumstances for a student to excel mentally and comprehensively.
Further I’d like to add that the coming year will not only be educationally viable, but also an year that encompasses worthiness of unconditional personality development of all the students involved. Conclusively, I’m looking forward to all the students of Raipur to collaborate with us in numbers unprecedented and make full use of the itinerary we have designed for your holistic development this entire year.
CA Riddhi Jain,
Chairman, CICASA Raipur.